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Loki and belgarth wandered through the wilderness and were drawn to a cave entrance , belgarth flew up some boulders and scouted there area , 2 imperial soljahs guarded the enterance . Belgarth cast a spell of babble on one guard and he started babbling and trying to express he couldn’t talk. The other soljah turned to him to find out what was wrong and Loki teleported and used a fridget cold gale to blast the guard who could talk into the cave , the confused non talking guard made a run for in and changed his course when he heard fighting ahead. A vicious storm hit him an he lay on the otherside of the river badly hurt , still hoping to get away. Loki and belgarth disappeared and reappeared in each others place. Loki blasted the scared injured guard with his latern and killed the weak guard capturing his soul in his helm of seven hells.

The other guard saw what was going and another storm hit him as he ran back into the cave.

The adventurers fellowed and were ambushed by a sarget and Loki was attacked with the sargets spear, Loki latern blasted him and a whirlwind out of nowhere bought him to his knees. Loki conjured his ice sword and decapated the sarget sealing his soul in one of te 7 stones.

The pushed into te “monsters lair” . The dungeon floor shook, after checking out Afew of the rooms finding healing pools a fire rune area and a pool that allowed u to look into another room the whole time making a lot of noise belgarth decided to lighting strike the main doors to splinters. The ground rumbled and a 20 feet high large green worm rose from the ashes of the door from the ground.

The green worm burrowed under ground , belgarth uses conjured winds which picked him up and flew him to the otherside of te room , the giant worm attacked were belgarth had just left. The monster had tremor vision. Loki attacks the beast with his ice skewer he hits the beat whch trashes around and pushes loki into the middle of the dungeon he then teleports to what he think is safety . Te worm Borrows under ground and trys to devour Loki, it eats the warlock hole acid lashes Loki and he manages to teleport out of the beast as he’s getting eaten . Belgarth concurres a bag of coins and drops them on the fire rune with his magic Mage hand which lures the worm into the fire . The smell of burnt acid fills the air, and the monster burys under ground and into the reflective pool that cools the monster off. Loki makes a run for the healing pools and has a deep drink and then conjures a layer of black ice around himself. Belgarth tries the coin trick again but the creature doesn’t fall for it and attacks Loki again this time swallowing him. Belgarth seeing his Allie eaten lands andcreates a howling tempest storm which starts carving up the fleshie worm. The worm having just swallowed Loki feels his stomach burn from the black ice and regererates Loki and then bites him and sinks back under the earth. He apprers between the adventurers hoping to finally hit Belgarth the gnome storm socororer but Loki quickly attacks with his ice shard killing the foul beast.the red soul of the worm disappears into a stone in Lokis helm .. A soul stone.

The captin of the guards fellowed by the earlier injuried impreial soljah come into the room demanding that the 2 magic uses leave. Flames lick up lokis coat as he tells them he is the one who slew the worm and to obey his every command. He here’s belgarth voice saying “listen to him” Loki then heals the Hirt soljah abit and they camp inside the room with the magic trap. Baring the doors .

A New Page

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