Beginning of the end

The underdark sea

The dark giant Skerlli lay uncouncous , hurly was babbling and burly was deciding if now was a opportunity to rid the world of his brother. He decided to go after the annoying goblins first. Skerlli awoke and regenerated he still dazed he moved closer to the pirate. Burly & hurly seeing the pirate charged towards him bolting off some bouncing mushrooms and with club raised flew froward towards the pirate. The club came down hard . Cutthroat then fired his flaming cros how bolt burly and back flipped to safty

Morti phantom bridge over his snare
Burly gets caught and is imblolised he takes heavy attack.

Tiki Marta preys to dol DORN the god of battle

Belgarth attacks skirly with acid orb and kills him


belgareth the gnome & william cuttroat awoke in the caves beneth the manor to find Tiki marta and the shrine of Cthulu gone. From the next room they could hear the werewolf in a fierce battle, they could hear metal on metal and the crys and yells of goblins and other voices. William cuttroat heard a beautiful womens voice calling him in, Belegarth moved to a more tatical postion to look inside the noisey cave room. He could see nothing, it was empty but still the noise presesded.

William walked straight in and had a good look around. a empty cave room… with a large hole in the middle of the room. it went straight down. from the noises they made it out to be 15/20 foot drop. belegrath attempts to flip in , slips and falls head first down the well, william in the same fasion attempts the flip and fails falling head first down the well. the gnome stopped the fall floating in mid air he watches cutthroat hurdle past him and lands flat on the on his face on the floor below. Belgarth lands on him, cutthroat not happy swats him off.

The dim lite cave they fell into has a 10 feet high rock celing and is 40 feet sq room. the werewolf in full battle stands no more then 15 feet away in a fierce battle with a dwarf warrior & a cloaked human. 3 goblin fighters curse in gutterel tongue at there enemys. a gnome trickster is taking on 2 of the goblins but he is looking worse for wear. a dwarf cleric who looks to have seen more days inside his church then battle trades hits with the last of the goblin fighters and is losing. 2 more goblin archers with there backs to the cave wall, send arrows into the brawling crowd. one arrow barely misses balgarths tiny gnome head, he hears it wizz by his ear as he helps the prone pirate to his feet. In retaliation to the arrow belgarth conjures a ice dragon from his arcane staff and sends it flying at the 2 archers a huge icy explosion rocks the cave. as the shards of ice dispearce the two goblins stand frozen.

William takes advantage of the situation lites a crossbow bolt on fire and at point blank fires it at the werewolfs back the hair ignites and the smell of burnt hair and flesh fills the air, the wolf makes a howl in sudden pain william rolls behind the werewolf and slashes him low injuring him further.

The cloaked human fighting the werewolf smashes him with his magic mace and in a very posh english accent says somthing around the lines of “curse you dam beast!” and then throws a vile of ooze at the 2 frozen goblin archers. it smashes against the wall and one half frozen archer desovlves into thick multi colored ooze. The 2 gnomes & 1 dwarfs attempt with not much succuse an attack on the goblins. The dwarf warrior smashes his mace into the werewolf.

The goblins shocked from the enterance of these new comers recover and fight relentlessly. they beat heavly on the humannoids and the dwarf cleric falls unconcious from a grevious axe wound to the head. The werewolf bites into the dwarf warrior and racks his face with his claws, it is possible he has caught the were frenzy virus and falls unconcious

Belgarth floats into the air and a globe of acid forms the wizard hurls it at the archer at the acid desolves the goblin. the adventurers move into more tactical postions, the cloaked tinkerer mis fires his barb wire and it lands beside one of the goblins. he fires a dart into one of the goblins and another dart into the downed dwarf cleric and transfers some of the life force from the goblin, the cleric stands up only to catch another axe to the face and is downed instatly.

william hits one of the goblins with his crossbow bolt and the goblin dies.

the goblins now outnumbered attempt to make a run for it. one falls into the barbed wire and as struggles a attery is knicked and he bleeds out. the last running goblin sees the gnome conjure a acid orb which blows up in his face and burns the uncouncious cleric, one goblin mangers to escape. The injured werewolf sees its fighting a losing battles and makes a run of it but not before catching a few arrows & crossbow bolts in the back. there was a thick trail of blood

the adventurers heal the cleric, William cutthroat cuts the throat of the of the dieing dwarf and finds a ring in his pocked. they check out the area and find a suit of shining blue armor made to fit a giant, the tinkerer trys to get some of the metals shards but finds the task to difficult.

The cleric explains there is a war in the underdark between the evil races and the good humanoid races. the evil races seem to be fighting together and are organised which has never known to have happened. He is looking for the mining / scout party that was near this area.

the head for _________ fortress, 100 feet above a raging river the cleric says he can see a downed miner on the other side. william wasting no time throws the wizard over the edge. the wizard tries to flip but gets disorantated and before he can float the ground comes up and meets him.

after many miniutes he jumps into the river and floats as soon as he stops swimming and flys to the other side. he cant work out what has happened to the miner. belegarth fires his icy dragon across the water making a bridge ,the mad scienest forms a giant dildo from the platform and he and william slide down william slides acrros on his belly and the tinkerer nearly falls in but makes it to the edge as the bridge disolves into the water.

the tinker speaks with the dead miner and asks 5 questions. he finds out what the astral sea after life is like as well as information on the missing miners and where they are headed menzobrozian. the hear a battle raging on the 100 foot platform. a dead gnome flys through the air into the river. as the look on they see a ebony skinned giant on the platform yelling into the darkness. it has 2 heads and argues with its self. belgarth yells threats loudly and causes a lighting bolt (which apprers weaker then normal) infront of the giants face blinding him and he backs away out of site,

the adventurers fellow the miners trail into a mushroom grove .



William cutthroat an belgarth the gnome wizard walked along te kings road towards harkenwold. They came to some crossroads and as a precorosionary measure hid behind some rocks to scope out the scene. At the cross roads was a fallen tower and at the base lay an uncouncous figure.

The pirate scoundrel with out a care in the world strode up to the wounded humunnoid. The wizard kept a look out. Cutthroat could see while still alive this creature was of a undead nature and had huge claw and bite marks ripping its undead flesh. He gave it a kick, with a blood splatter the undead (very unhuman like) rose to his feet. The two adventurers were at the ready. The large disfigured creature introduced him self in a booming voice as tiki marta . The pirate looked disinterested. Belgarth jumped onto the rock he was hiding behind a lighting bolt hit the ground a few feet in front of him and he then jumped onto that very spot yelling I am belgarth! Tiki Marta not overly impressed had a good feeling about the gnome and from that very instant they formed a life long bond of brotherhood.

William sat by the base of the wall and looked on disinterested chewing a single blade of grass.

The adventurers decided to check out the tower , blood splatter the walls were tiki explained he has fought (and lost) a fucious were wolf who he even saw transform at will to a human . Then there was a dick messurig compation on who could do the sweetest backflip over each other. Cutthroat came out on top but tiki and belgarth didn’t let that get between the friendship and quest.

There were werewolf tracks headed to harken forest but the adventurers know ing the area headed for kanor manor.

The 3 rowdy and sometimes irresanal walked towards the manor . William and belgarth still uncertain if tikis bites had caused him to get the diese of the wolf.

A wagon rolled him the road. A hooded old man sat inside. After many questions from the adventurers they attacked! Tikis javelin hurdled through the air and hit the old man in the chest causeing a geveious wound then A flaming crossbow bolt struck him in the head causing his bread to catch fire horriblely disfiguring his face. Belgarth in the same fashion as before caused a lightning bolt to strike the horse stunning it and jumped into the charged grass again declaring who he was. They the relised the old man had a body guard / apprentice , a young thefling warrior emerged from the woods and went to defend the old man. The adventurers took Tatical positions around the cart and countied the onslaught , the gnome conjured a orb of burning acid and cast it on the old man . Burning flesh filled the air . Knowing the 2 were out matched the thefling gave him a vile and the old necromancer drank it down. His burnt cloak hit the floor and he was gone.

3 vs 1 the thefling surrounded surrended before he could be questioned tiki got his javalin and stabbed it through his heart ending his life.

The cart was full of body parts which had te same bite and claw marks as tiki. They had been feeding the werewolf.. But why? Where? ….. Who?

They contuined down the road to kanor manor with out insadent .

They reached the old deserted dark manor. The front doors smashed in from a ancient battle it was in ruins.

The adventurers went inside . It was pitch black with only small amounts of light being let in from fallen walls. William lit a torch it was dead quite… Until tiki the revenant dropped his battle axe . The sound of Metal on stone bounced of every wall. Any chance of being unnoticed was gone. The echo went on and on down halls and further. As in response they heard a scurrying the sound of multiple little feet hitting the ground then hey relised a swam of rats were after there blood! Tikis silent alarm he had earlier set went off and a fight insued. The adventurers being as mighty as they are easly defeated the rats and pushed on. It took them many hours of rolling and flipping in the dark to make there way down te hall. William with his tourch went first as he went further he felt slowed and his tourch
Singed invisible ….. Webs! He was in a spiders nest!

Never split the party
Session 9

The adventurers awoke with the king to find the gnomes gone, the king explained that gnomes were interesting tricksy creatures and that we might stumble apon them. Loki expressed his miss trust of the half ork and told mumble if he gets with in 10 feet he would attack, mumble tested the waters boarding on 10 feet , talo intervened . Mumble bum talked with the king alone, telling him of the evilness of the warlock and to not place trust in him. Loki interrupted in hopes of getting some horses.. Mumble bum raging from the night before told the party he was leaving them and he turned his burnt face towards the west and raced off on mr Ed. Loki told talo and the king of the night terror dream he had the previous night.. again the talk was of smoky figurers,mumble bum and then ending with the darkness which only the underdark possesed. he spoke of a pair of eyes watching him he sensed it was gnome .. Was Just a night terror tho.

Talo and Loki made a plan to travel through the old hills to the cross roads. then head south of the road to the moon hills , go around the moon hills to the river, then walk up to the bridge of fallcreast.

They walked through the dwarfern old hills from the kings shattered keep leaving behind dwarf soljahs keeping there eyes peeled for the elusive gnomes. they reached the crossroads.

Nabob started barking and ran towards a broken tower but before doing so he growled at loki and spraying him with urian and marking Loki with his sent, then barking wildly around the tower. the adventurers saw the female dwarf Mage and her protector a male dwarf warrior , Loki saw the oppitunity and using his arcane skills made nabob bite and nip at the Mage, the protector jumped to protect her. The Mage spoke soft and finely she had sensed magic and accused Loki the only magic wielder capable of doing so. Loki the liar convinced her that he hasnt and wouldn’t do such a thing and the Wolf pup was crazed also stating he didn’t like wolfs. he showed the mage his peeed on boot. As the Mage was uninjured she belived him. The king spoke to the dwarfs and gave them courage and inspiration to continue to hold the crossroads in the name of the dwarfs as only a king can do. The left the dwarfs deverteing from the road heading south.

Nabob, talo , loki and the king, on foot crossed the grass lands at night and reached the moonhills by noon the fellowing day they started to head towards the river but needed a short rest.It started to rain. They saw a steep sloped terrace and Loki got his sarbertooth hide and set up a small settler for the king and talo and scouted the area.

Closer to the river there was a noise which seemed to be getting louder .Loki new it wasn’t magic and decided to head back and tell the party. Dark clouds filled the sky and the rain seemed to be getting much worse. The party ate some rations and tried to stay dry. Rain poored down around them. The ground now with inches of water getting higher by the minute. Talo led the party out of the water filled trench. nabob startled from lighting took off and was to fast to follow. they called his name but there was no sign of him. Loki and the fat king were having alot of difficulty getting up the hill. Loki pushed the king and talo through down her spiked chain. The king grabbed it but fell backwards ending on his face in the water. Loki scrambling to get the king and himself up to no prevail. The elf assassin threw together a pullie system using her fine elf hemrope and absailed down to the king tieing the rope around him quickly climbing up and started pulling the king up. Loki teleported up and gave a weak pull but was enough to pull the king to safety.the king had a smile ear to ear and gave Loki a magic climbers rope. As the contuined to struggle climbing they talo realized that this was moon hill and she hasnt been back since she was a chil. More struggle and talo ties the king and her together with enough slack to both climb . The rained turned to hail then to sharp shardes of ice the king kept cover under his shield but Loki took a ice shrard through his gimp hand which was now more frost bittin . Snow covered the top of the moonhill which they could see . The flooded river rose higher around the hill. All that stood in there path was a rock wall. Loki told the party to shield themselves and raised his gimp hand. Flames lept out and smashed into the stone wall only to be reflected back and sent Loki flying down the hill landing on his back. Out of nowhere mumble rode up on mr Ed dove of his mount and attacked weakend Loki with all the force his wolf ancestors had taught him. The blades cut into Loki and he lay uncouncous unknowing of what had happened. Mumble stood over him yelling at him to get up and to know of mumbles great attack and how he had tracked them. Loki lay uncouncous. The ork mounte mr Ed and yelled to the king “see I told you he couldn’t be trusted!” And rode off.

The warlock opened his eyes and managed to get him self, he was beaten black and blue and even he’s tounge was split . He reached the king and talo and with the help of his dagger and magic rope the party used it like a crutch made there way around the rock wall and into waist deep snow. Loki had only minutes of life left. Black dark red blood left a trail on the prefect white of the snow. Talo noticed a glimmer ahead of them and they plowed through the snow.

Talo Loki and the king reached a small cave where the glimmer was coming from.lokis lantern glowed brighter and purple smoke seeped out of it pulling Loki looking like a zombie towards the rune circle of warmth and Loki lay down. There was something else in the cave. A gnome! A blue robed 3"4 white bearded wizard gnome! He held a staff of winter and a small flame lighting his face, a spark of electricity crackled on him. The gnome had caused the storm and the flood of the river was the by product of all the rain. Lokis wounds started to heal. The gnome introduced himself as gabdalf but then said belgarth. He had a small bird stag he could ride and the new party slept in the healing circle and smoked pipes and ate rations for Afew days as they grew stronger.

The fallen king
Session 8

Mumble, Loki, Mr Ed, Nabob and Talo awoke over looking thunderspire, they cleared there campsite and discussed a plan to confront the king (out of ear shot from the kings wolf regent) Talo handed Loki her corked glass bottle with bandage inside Loki tried to remove the bandage but ripped it in the process and gave it back to Talo.

The adventurers fellowed the wolf regent into the old hills , as they walked they saw two dwarfs a warrior and a female wizard talking to each other not noticing the adventurers . Mr Ed went to speak with them and they were startled and on the defensive. To let the party pass they demanded to see some proof of skill. Mumble gave them his keg asking for one last drink, Talo spoke of her drinking abilitys and Loki teleported behind the dwarf warrior and whispered “is this enough?” The dwarf turned around and jumped back unimpressed and said “no that more proof was needed by the warlock” he told of how he could make gold disappear and asked for 3 gold peices: mumble gave him the coins and Loki held them out suddenly the air filled with smoke and the coins were gone, everyone was startled including Loki, who said “tar dah!” And the dwarfs were impressed . He bragged of how he is the most powerful wizard in the kingdom and they belived him. Mumble asked for the empty bottle from his child hood friend now turned rival and poured himself the last winterhaven ale that he was to drink from his keg. Loki waited for the bottle to be returned . Mumble took his time drinking then smashed the bottle on a rock and let out a half ork drinking cry, the dwarfs took offense to the mid treatment of there lands and took him for prisoner. Thankfully Talo and lokis lying convinced them to let there “friend” go. The continued into the old hills.

The adventurers saw a ruined fortress ahead and approached the front gate. A huge rusty iron gate lay Infront of them, mumble gave it a kick to see how stirdy the gate was “alerting everyone in the castle” Loki tired to open it found it was locked and unsuccessfully tried to pick the lock. A head looked over the wall from above and yelled down to the adventurers asking there business. They stated they needed to see the king and talo was allowed to pass. The enterance was a climb up the wall , talo handled it easily and let down a rope which nabob bit onto and she pulled him up, there she saw the person they were talking to, a white haired gnome named "" which claimed to be a expert marksmen. Orks being orks mumble tried to climb the wall and was shot in the shoulder by the gnome, Loki wanted revenge but mumble decided that to just leave it and let talo talk to the king.

Talo was led inside the ruined keep, there were holes in walls, floors , roofs and the inside of the keep was not kept at all. She walked down a long hall way getting to know the gnome archer and before she knew it she was Infront of the king.

Mumble and Loki strolled down to a near by stream and hashed out some of there linked past.

Talo said her companions had most of te information the king needed, but got his name Staglag Hammersong fallen king of timbervale , ruler of the dwarfs and brave quester.he didn’t like I stay in one place for to long and never worried about his surroundings, he was a hard dwarf who lived his life by the sword.. The bone sword which he held half. Talo lured him and his guards outside to talk to mumble and Loki.

Loki convinced the king to return to timbervale but let slip that the party knew of the bonesword which they give there word to protect. Mumble decide to tell the king of lokis latern which is his rod of deadly casting . Loki had promised to kill any one who knew thankfully Loki tricked the king and his guards that the half ork wasn’t use to magic and didn’t know how it works. Before setting out, Loki walked with mumble, Loki was angry and mumbles treason and flames licked his coat, the walked around a conrner and mumble attacked Loki with a ruthless on slaught of simmering blades. Loki was surprised and took the orks short sword twice to his gut, blood seeped through the blackchain mail. Mumble winced from the pain of the magical flames but paid it no heed .Mr Ed came around the corner and saw the 2 strikers fighting. Loki seeing the bond between Mr Ed and mumble he attacked both of them with a hellfury of fire on both Of them, the horse moved quickly out of the way and mumble took the blast front on. The flames lept from the warlocks spell scared gimp hand and scorched the half ork quarter wolf ranger. The pain of the flames blistering his skin was to much to beer and mumble feel uncouncous , Loki teleported aroun the conrner and yelled for help,the stench of blood and burnt flesh was in the air the lots party’s potions were used, as soon as mumble recovered he attacked Loki again as he raised his sword ,a large saber tooth had snuck up on the party and attacked the burnt ork and dragged the party lep at the oppitunity to save mumbles life yet again and attacked the sarbertooth already on the beast jaws mumble took a stab at the beast and hit him but it wasn’t and the beast chomped down, knocking mumble uncouncous again. The remaining party killed the white saber tooth.

The talked to the king quickly saying that this was a misunderstanding between mumble an Loki and I wouldn’t happen again in his presence . Talo poured half the bottle of purple potion given to her by the frog Wally’s , mumble recovered but not before feeling something might happen in the morning , he felt a spring in his step and went to clear his throat and made a ribbit sound.
Loki butchered and skinned the sarbertooth putting it in his satchel so the meat couldn’t be tracked

The adventurers pitched camp outside the shattered keep

A touch of magic
Session 7

Althrea, Talo, Mumble, mr Ed & nabob awoke the next morning and sort out Lord Taggar Oathkeeper in timbervale , the bard played softly on his lute mumble on horse back walked over to the white and leaf amored Druid and preformed a back flip on mr eds head landing beside him , the Druid looked unimpressed.. He then ask her morals about the reptilian slaves, she had no idea what he was talking about and bid him farewell. Nabob jumped up and licked talos face, she threw a stick and nabob felt much better after his traumatic experience. They asked more about the bonesword and Taggar Oathkeeper called out a guide , laneth lefeyson.

Mumble instantly reakonised laneth and dove off mr Ed with blades out in a similar dive as he had defeated the frenzied werewol… and fell flat on his face at laneths feet,faint flames swirled around the black chain mail of the warlock who looked down at mumble, mumble had grown up with laneth and they had become good friends, but later bitter rivals because laneth stole mumbles lover..

After mumble announced his connection, laneth told of how he had only recently awoken underground and doesn’t remember anything before recently, he also told of how he made a pact with balor a devil who granted him arcane magic but at the price of souls and paying with night terrors. Alethra and mumble moved away from the group and came up with the plan of recruiting laneth and leaving Alethra to find more information about the various quests and of the realm.

Althrea announced she was departing the group but to make sure to come back and with no healer the adventurers asked the Druid about potions and was pointed to a indoor well, mumble stuck his head in and felt the magic of the water. The warlock teleported into the well holding coins holding his breath bracing the walls and saw shadowy figurs moving in the water noticing him he yelled but no luck he jumped out of the well and told the party. Talo ws next up and noticed that you had to be polite and friendly. Mumble did just that and talked to a tadpol people called "" and he got giving some colored potions. Once out laneth asked to be called loli by his friends and explained to the party about his lantern rod, mumble wanted proof, a ice sword formed in the warlocks free hand, the half ork looked unimpressed and insisted that he is to be struck with the weapon, Loki does just that and nearly cuts the rangers arm off landing a prefect cut. Mumble took a seat on the well and fell backwards filling the water with blood . He asked for help from the "" people and the sent two more potions to the top. He then felt hands on his legs and was dragged out , the bottles taken by Loki and mumble was being dragged to the court yard by his companions , Althrea instantly started healing him but mumble refused an fell uncouncous , he then awoke fully healed and the party set out saying there grecuous goodbyes and left timbervale.

They chatted as they walked through the cold , lantern glowing bright , they hit the crossroads and chose to go south thanks to mr eds advice, the walked and walked some more along the kings road . They avoided Luna’s hideout and any city’s cutting through the moon hills, after realizing the rocks were some kind of magic the party Waited till nightfall and saw a message glowing from the moon hills themselves! “Don’t forget the heat” hinting to turn back the adventurers pressed on.

The cut through the forest and walking toward the old hills. A forty foot raging stream lay in front of them , mumble on mr Ed charged but just befor the water mr Ed stopped dismounting mumble. Loki ran full steam into the stream and powered in getting 13feet in and then teleporting 25feet only just gettin across. Mumble pushed talo in and she held on tight against the current with her chain there was a creature in the water with her which Was imanating magic and speaking primordial, She climbed out and mr Ed spoke primordial and tryed to trick the frog king but instead the adventurers had to answer a riddle from mr Ed. Mumble guessed frogs and the frog king made a bridge from his staff for the all to cross.

Many hours of walking later. They arrived on dusk to thunderspire . Nabob bit Loki and was shooed off to hunt , mumble howled for his brothers and heard a reply of a howl, lighting hit the stone circle and a wolf appreed more lightning hit the stone circle , mumble walked towards nabob and the unformiler wolf communicating with them slightly talking but mainly through his mind. Lightning struck again, crack!! Loki and talo investercated . Mumble found out that this wolf was the kings regent and scout. And in morning could lead them to the next process to see the king. Thunder roared from with in the circle of stone and hurricane winds span around a center Stone electricity filled the air, Loki put dipped his sword in the thunder winds adjusting his defense and teleported to the center. The rest of the party seein Loki disappear. The center to the vortex was surprisingly dead calm. He took a step forwar and was blown back, he saw talo and waved but no one could see him. He had had enough and a hellfury of fire left his hand and a corridor of still air amongst the ferious storm parted and he walked through the storm stareing into the elf assassins eyes as he causally strolled through. They then relised that the storm stones where a deversion/trap and they set up camp looking over the beautiful deadly electric storm show for the night .

Nothing like Hunting werewolf
Session 6

The adventurers camped outside timbervale walls. Ser Gerbish Gush kept watch half the night and Alethra kept a mindful eye on camp the rest of the night. The adventurers awoke and Mumble shared a flagon of ale with the party including naboo the pup. With courage in there hearts the party searched out Abeland Flintrock the mechinest. They found his hut and after a few introductions they started to make a spiked trap. After completion it was mentioned that Abeland Flintrock should come with the party he refused, so mumble crept away and caught Abe’s house on fire. The fire roared up the walls catching some of the roof. Talo quickly lept to put out the fire with her cloak and ration water, after quite the battle with the flames she emerged victorious. Steel walls were exposed behind the wood walls. Abeland Flintrock explained it was basically a steel bubble he had made to protect him. He decided to go with the adventurers quickly making them another trap and coated the spikes in ice. He lead the to the werewolfs lair.

It was day time so the party set the traps at the cave entrance slightly apart, enough room for only naboo to get through. They then waited in the trees till night.

It was a full moon. Mumble sent naboo into the cave to lure the beast out: after an hour there was no sign.. They waited .. At the stroke of midnight the heard a screaming yelp. The werewolf had fallen into there trap! The quickly ran up Althrea threw a stone pathetically and missed the stationary beast, mumble attacked with his long sword and talo whipped at the werewolf with her spiked chain but missed. The wild werewolf tried to get of the trap but failed as the ice melted away from the warm blood. Mumble dove into the pit head first unleashing 5 attacks with the speed and strength of his wolf ancestors. Talo unleashed her dark shadows on the werewolf as she and Alethra grabbed mumbles legs and pulled him to safety with little effort. The beast was dead. Mumble took its tooth, Abe retreated home but mentioned if they come across plans or material for him he could build things for them. Then they were off to timbervale to collect there reward.

There returned to Taggar Oathkeeper lord of Timbervale and he rewarded them with 400gp and after a bit of prompting the information they needed “where the dwarf king is” Tagger told the. Where the last raven had come from and marked it on there map. Lord Tagger Oathkeeper needed more knights to defend there point of light of Timbervale and Ser Gerbish Gush was chosen to train knights. Tagger offered A small gremlin reptile to the party which they declined and after some decision the party was horrified to find out that the reason Timbervale was so warm was because the dwarfs had imprisoned and made slaves of any reptile creatures they came across and put them to work in the mines. Dwarf steel being amoung the best in the mortal world. The adventurers were then given a meal and quarters for the night.

Session 5

The Adventurers were escorted into town by Corna Stonecoven she spoke to her self and seemed a bit strange. They entered the Forge of blacksmith Elinda Hammerforge and she presented a dark leaf armor to Talo, Cleric armor to Althera, a strong steel helmet with goldtrim for Ironhelm and dipped Mumbles longsword into silver giving it extra advantage against were creatures. The Adventurers were about to leave until they thought of there small wolf companion and asked Elinda Hammerforge if she could craft something for him. She did and made 2 small brooches which heals the wolf when the wearer of the other brooch heals. She also told them of Abeland Flintrock a mechanist who lived in isolation he could possibly help them with the werewolf and Elinda Hammerforge marked it on there map. The forge was made from thick stone which seemed to absorb heat.

Outside a shadow passed over head and they approached the monk who was training in the yard, As the walked over they noticed 5 kobolds locked in wooden cages (unarmed) in the garden. A strong red leader type was among them. Another shadow passed over head, and suddenly they heard the sound of beating wings, the monk ran inside the dojo somebody scream “DRAGON!” and city bells rang out over the warm winter strong hold of Timbervale as a green dragon landed on the roof of the dojo.

Alethra teleported into a well and peaked her head out of the water, Talo positioned her self better as did mumble. Iron helm charged the beast hit it pushing it further onto the roof and jumped up, the whole time screaming a warcry. The Dragon ripped open the dojo and filled it with its poison gas breath, killing all inside. Then it took to the sky and flew over head.

Timor the green dragon landed and started to break out the kobolds, the adventurers rush slaying 2 of the 4 kobolds and mumble finally putting the killing blows cutting Timors leg off, He also harvested the dragons tooth.

Corna Stonecoven was laying unconscious outside the dojo after being kicked in the face by Mr Ed, The adventurers treated her and found out that She had the Dragon Ring which had called Timor to release his kobolds. She had plotted to overthrow the city and regroup with luna at her hideout (which she marked on the map) Mumble then shoved his sword through her ending her life . The adventurers then left the city camping outside the city walls for the night.

Session 4

The adventurers awoke in the house of Agaro Copperhearth the dwarf gate keeper of the pass, A sunny winters day. They over looked Timervale the dwarven strong hold as the made a game plan.. they took to asking Mr-Ed the riddling horse about there next move they should do.. he sang them a riddle which Alethra worked out the answer was “Fire”. The adventurers upset about the answer Mr ed had provided, harresed him and Talo went even to the lengths of tickling his balls. With no answers from Mr-Ed they walked onto the city of Timbervale.

They walked for 6 hours before there was any hint of action, A small wolf peeked its head around a rock to spot the adventurers. Talo went for a peak and there she saw a runty wolf, outcast from its pack. The same pack of Mumble and quickly the adventurers befriended this helpful little wolf.

The gates of Timbervale stood before them, A huge wooden door made of solid oak with 2 iron gongs. They rang the gongs and a dwarven women popped over the wall above and shouted down to the adventurers asking about there intent in the city. Talo lied and said they were a entertainment preforming group. They put on quite a show, Mr-Ed was singing, Ser Gush threw down amazing dance moves mumble and Talo were dancing well and Alethra stole the performance with an amazing show of acrobatic skills for a change. The dwarf opened the doors and then the iron gate lifted she escorted them through the city telling them that her name was Corna Stonecoven and sometimes speaking to her self but was otherwise generally friendly. Corna took them to Taggar oathkeeper the lord of Timbervale. The adventurers put on an average show, Talo even falling while dancing. Taggar was still thankful. They then asked about the bone sword which made him jump, they told of there adventures so far and about there encounter with Eserit. Taggar needed a werewolf taken care of which had killed many of his knights, explaining that normal combat would be very difficult to pull off and another method may serve better. Offering equipment and training before leaving and gold on return. Mumble threaten Taggar to give up the information they wanted, The Cleric yelled for guards and 20 kings bowmen stood on the battlements of the castle. This was his safe haven the group had noticed that inside Timbervale was like summer compared to the blistering cold of the winter outside even on this fine day.

Tension was high, all blades where out. The adventurers finally decided to burst into song and make a joke of it, This time Ser Gush fell but luckily Mumble insisted they continue coaching the young wolf pup to jump onto Mr-Eds saddle as a finale. It payed off they accepted the quest but had no intention to completing it and headed for the town where earlier they spotted a blacksmith and a monk to receive this promised steal and training.

Through the mountains
"Session 3"

The adventurers +mr ed camped outside the brunt down house with Luna willows and Ser gush aka iron helm. Mumble took to the h4. forest to see if there were wolves near by in hopes of seeing his wolf family. He fellowed tracks to a cave and decided to go back for his allies. After Luna hit on mumble , alethra gave her the mental bash with her physic powers and in the process made her more dull. They gathered everyone and went after the wolves. Mumble went into the cave and was attacked by the alpha male and nearly died. Talo was pinned by one of the wolves and they tried to intimate each other. Mumble pushed Luna off the other horse and fed it to the alpha( his wolf father). The other 2 males joined the feast and all was forgivin. The same wolf that had gotten angry at talo began to fellow the adventurers, though it might of possibly gone on its own quest.

They headed for the bar. At the drunken dragon inn in winter haven, mumble bought a barrel of ale and went to the stables and shared it with mr Ed. Meanwhile the 2 females of the trio tried to sneak into the cellar and steal the $500 bottles of wine and were caught red handed. After Afew lies were told by Talo they were kicked out and mumble had to go get iron helm. He decided to try pimp out Luna while they were gone for some extra coin. In the inn talo had found out that the dwarvern mountain strong hold of timber vale had more information about the bone sword. She also found out that there was a Secret pass through the mountains. They headed for the dwarvern pass to timbervale.

It was a short walk to the entrance of the pass from winter haven. The pass was a broken bridge within a cave. They crossed it holding hands and only ironhelm slipped nearly falling but team work prevailed and they made it across the broken bridge of rashard.

Outside the cave was a hut. A frost troll or “Yeti” as iron helm called it attacked. The adventurers attacked the troll. Mumble bum knocked on the hut door to find 2 dwarfs who helped him start a large fire. The females of the group and iron helm beat on the troll relentlessly. Mumble with the help of the dwarf threw a burning boat at the troll while Alethra crushed the trolls mind and bought him to his knees, seizing the opportunity ironhelm smashed his mace into the head of the troll. Even unmoving talo and mumble could not land a final hit and the troll caught a blaze from the boat. The dwarf rewarded them with afew gold pieces and this is where they set up camp for the night but not before seeing the beautiful site of timbervale from afar.


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