Beginning of the end

A trip home
"session 2"
As they rode with Ser Gerbish Gush toward Eshya the high elf city, they noticed 3 huge ents(walking trees) running away from the direction they were headed mentioning that they were running from the fires. They also noticed that the road was blocked by some roots. The roots were filled with life and attacked the party, as the battle waged on the carriage wheels were destroyed, mumble bum mounted the talking horse mr ed and then drew his bow and shot the 2 roots dead.

The road to Eshya had no more surprises and it was there they met Eserit the cleric one of the four in Feywild whos blood was the same blood as the fey kings. He told them in detail about they feys history:

“Between two seas sits Feywild it was once an age of undreamed of shining kingdoms spread across this river world. Then came the dark empire of Ashuran with cruel necromancers who saut secrets of resurrection they crafted a sword in the skull and bones of the 4 fey kings. They awaken its wrath with the pure blood from the deaths of there virgin daughters. The Fey grew restless under the darkness and it was then that the age of the dawn wars began. Good prevailed and the sword was dropped into Ashar (the mortal world) by the necromancers. The Feywild now resides in peace.”

The same portal that was used to drop the sword only sits afew miles from here. So he gave them a horse, directions, a sealed letter to give to his guards whom were stationed outside and he taught them a few spells.

As they were on the road they passed a giant fiery wolf and her cub, she stood 100ft high and the cub was atlease 40ft. Thankfully they didnt pose a threat. The ents were running from these Gods because the trees around them were ablaze.

The party arrived at the building, there were no guards on duty. Mumble threw a sunrode in and they went inside. A giant spider waited for them but wasnt much of a issue to the head strong adventurers. There next hurdle was getting over the spike pit to open the closed doors. They ripped off the bookshelf and threw it onto the spike pit to make a bridge so the horses could get across. In the bookshelf was a bottle of smoke and some spiked soled shoes. Before they crossed Alethra tried to use her physic powers to sense danger in the other room… and she sensed it. They entered the room to see a lit up portal a goblin behind a tipped over desk and..Luna Willows in a cage.

They kill the goblin but not before a scroll gets burnt. They search the room and find a map of the stonemarch and 3 unopened scrolls. Luna has been a captive and been replaced with a doppleganger. They then jump through the lit portal into the mortal world(Ashar). Now they sit in Ashar(4 years later) but in a mirror image of the room that they had just come from, once outside they were lost. Thankfully there talking horse Ed had a riddle which the answer was the stars, so they followed the stars and ended back in Winterhaven.

Once in Winterhaven Luna wanted to find her kids and they did, in there bedrooms of there house but they had been recently slain. So the adventurers burnt the house down , checked out the toliet(and got a bag of holding) an set up camp for the night.

The beginning
"1 session"

3 adventurers sat in the drunken dragon inn at Winterhaven in the Nentir Vale (see map) drawn by orks and goblins from various places. Talo a elf assassin wrapped in chainmail, a long barbed chain, and shadows. Alethra Alemhok a high elf physic,with the power to lift objects with her mind, specializing in healing. The male of the trio was Mumble Bum half ork ranger, raged burned in his eyes as is with most orks. The ork used two blades to strike multiple targets and porcillin tipped arrows.

2 Quests presented themselfs as the night was full of ale and laughter. Hunt and kill the orks or investigate the disappearance of 2 local children. They tracked the goblins to there cave and since it was littered with dead bodies they left to investigate the kids.

Mumble bum shot the Captain of the Imperial guard with his bow and arrow.

They Talked with Luna Willows about her children and she was unusually happy. Off to Ice wind dale caves to track wolves and get the children!

As the approached the cave the spotted some small reptilian creatures known as kobolds. They faced the kobolds aimming for the leader but they stood only on a then layer of ice. Talo fell through the ice as well as the kobolds. Mumble and Alethra jumped in after her. Alethra gave the dieing kobold a blow job with her teeth and he died from the blood lose.

Mumble bum then decided to jump on a carpet in the dungeon in hopes it was magic but fell into a pit of spikes instead. Never trust the carpets.. he decided to water in it and pooped in the corner meanwhile Alethra and Talos peace talk with the orks didnt go well and were getting mercilessly beaten finally the adventurers band together and killed 2 of the 3 orks one escaped. The adventurers heard something.. something big, a Minotaur poked his big nostrils around the certain, you realize this is a Minotaur maze.

The Adventurers make a dash for the portal they heard the ork that escaped used. It took them to feywild.

They now ride with Ser Gerbish Gush Toward Eshya the high elf city.


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