Beginning of the end


Session 4

The adventurers awoke in the house of Agaro Copperhearth the dwarf gate keeper of the pass, A sunny winters day. They over looked Timervale the dwarven strong hold as the made a game plan.. they took to asking Mr-Ed the riddling horse about there next move they should do.. he sang them a riddle which Alethra worked out the answer was “Fire”. The adventurers upset about the answer Mr ed had provided, harresed him and Talo went even to the lengths of tickling his balls. With no answers from Mr-Ed they walked onto the city of Timbervale.

They walked for 6 hours before there was any hint of action, A small wolf peeked its head around a rock to spot the adventurers. Talo went for a peak and there she saw a runty wolf, outcast from its pack. The same pack of Mumble and quickly the adventurers befriended this helpful little wolf.

The gates of Timbervale stood before them, A huge wooden door made of solid oak with 2 iron gongs. They rang the gongs and a dwarven women popped over the wall above and shouted down to the adventurers asking about there intent in the city. Talo lied and said they were a entertainment preforming group. They put on quite a show, Mr-Ed was singing, Ser Gush threw down amazing dance moves mumble and Talo were dancing well and Alethra stole the performance with an amazing show of acrobatic skills for a change. The dwarf opened the doors and then the iron gate lifted she escorted them through the city telling them that her name was Corna Stonecoven and sometimes speaking to her self but was otherwise generally friendly. Corna took them to Taggar oathkeeper the lord of Timbervale. The adventurers put on an average show, Talo even falling while dancing. Taggar was still thankful. They then asked about the bone sword which made him jump, they told of there adventures so far and about there encounter with Eserit. Taggar needed a werewolf taken care of which had killed many of his knights, explaining that normal combat would be very difficult to pull off and another method may serve better. Offering equipment and training before leaving and gold on return. Mumble threaten Taggar to give up the information they wanted, The Cleric yelled for guards and 20 kings bowmen stood on the battlements of the castle. This was his safe haven the group had noticed that inside Timbervale was like summer compared to the blistering cold of the winter outside even on this fine day.

Tension was high, all blades where out. The adventurers finally decided to burst into song and make a joke of it, This time Ser Gush fell but luckily Mumble insisted they continue coaching the young wolf pup to jump onto Mr-Eds saddle as a finale. It payed off they accepted the quest but had no intention to completing it and headed for the town where earlier they spotted a blacksmith and a monk to receive this promised steal and training.



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