Beginning of the end

Through the mountains

"Session 3"

The adventurers +mr ed camped outside the brunt down house with Luna willows and Ser gush aka iron helm. Mumble took to the h4. forest to see if there were wolves near by in hopes of seeing his wolf family. He fellowed tracks to a cave and decided to go back for his allies. After Luna hit on mumble , alethra gave her the mental bash with her physic powers and in the process made her more dull. They gathered everyone and went after the wolves. Mumble went into the cave and was attacked by the alpha male and nearly died. Talo was pinned by one of the wolves and they tried to intimate each other. Mumble pushed Luna off the other horse and fed it to the alpha( his wolf father). The other 2 males joined the feast and all was forgivin. The same wolf that had gotten angry at talo began to fellow the adventurers, though it might of possibly gone on its own quest.

They headed for the bar. At the drunken dragon inn in winter haven, mumble bought a barrel of ale and went to the stables and shared it with mr Ed. Meanwhile the 2 females of the trio tried to sneak into the cellar and steal the $500 bottles of wine and were caught red handed. After Afew lies were told by Talo they were kicked out and mumble had to go get iron helm. He decided to try pimp out Luna while they were gone for some extra coin. In the inn talo had found out that the dwarvern mountain strong hold of timber vale had more information about the bone sword. She also found out that there was a Secret pass through the mountains. They headed for the dwarvern pass to timbervale.

It was a short walk to the entrance of the pass from winter haven. The pass was a broken bridge within a cave. They crossed it holding hands and only ironhelm slipped nearly falling but team work prevailed and they made it across the broken bridge of rashard.

Outside the cave was a hut. A frost troll or “Yeti” as iron helm called it attacked. The adventurers attacked the troll. Mumble bum knocked on the hut door to find 2 dwarfs who helped him start a large fire. The females of the group and iron helm beat on the troll relentlessly. Mumble with the help of the dwarf threw a burning boat at the troll while Alethra crushed the trolls mind and bought him to his knees, seizing the opportunity ironhelm smashed his mace into the head of the troll. Even unmoving talo and mumble could not land a final hit and the troll caught a blaze from the boat. The dwarf rewarded them with afew gold pieces and this is where they set up camp for the night but not before seeing the beautiful site of timbervale from afar.



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