Beginning of the end

The underdark sea

The dark giant Skerlli lay uncouncous , hurly was babbling and burly was deciding if now was a opportunity to rid the world of his brother. He decided to go after the annoying goblins first. Skerlli awoke and regenerated he still dazed he moved closer to the pirate. Burly & hurly seeing the pirate charged towards him bolting off some bouncing mushrooms and with club raised flew froward towards the pirate. The club came down hard . Cutthroat then fired his flaming cros how bolt burly and back flipped to safty

Morti phantom bridge over his snare
Burly gets caught and is imblolised he takes heavy attack.

Tiki Marta preys to dol DORN the god of battle

Belgarth attacks skirly with acid orb and kills him



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