Beginning of the end

The fallen king

Session 8

Mumble, Loki, Mr Ed, Nabob and Talo awoke over looking thunderspire, they cleared there campsite and discussed a plan to confront the king (out of ear shot from the kings wolf regent) Talo handed Loki her corked glass bottle with bandage inside Loki tried to remove the bandage but ripped it in the process and gave it back to Talo.

The adventurers fellowed the wolf regent into the old hills , as they walked they saw two dwarfs a warrior and a female wizard talking to each other not noticing the adventurers . Mr Ed went to speak with them and they were startled and on the defensive. To let the party pass they demanded to see some proof of skill. Mumble gave them his keg asking for one last drink, Talo spoke of her drinking abilitys and Loki teleported behind the dwarf warrior and whispered “is this enough?” The dwarf turned around and jumped back unimpressed and said “no that more proof was needed by the warlock” he told of how he could make gold disappear and asked for 3 gold peices: mumble gave him the coins and Loki held them out suddenly the air filled with smoke and the coins were gone, everyone was startled including Loki, who said “tar dah!” And the dwarfs were impressed . He bragged of how he is the most powerful wizard in the kingdom and they belived him. Mumble asked for the empty bottle from his child hood friend now turned rival and poured himself the last winterhaven ale that he was to drink from his keg. Loki waited for the bottle to be returned . Mumble took his time drinking then smashed the bottle on a rock and let out a half ork drinking cry, the dwarfs took offense to the mid treatment of there lands and took him for prisoner. Thankfully Talo and lokis lying convinced them to let there “friend” go. The continued into the old hills.

The adventurers saw a ruined fortress ahead and approached the front gate. A huge rusty iron gate lay Infront of them, mumble gave it a kick to see how stirdy the gate was “alerting everyone in the castle” Loki tired to open it found it was locked and unsuccessfully tried to pick the lock. A head looked over the wall from above and yelled down to the adventurers asking there business. They stated they needed to see the king and talo was allowed to pass. The enterance was a climb up the wall , talo handled it easily and let down a rope which nabob bit onto and she pulled him up, there she saw the person they were talking to, a white haired gnome named "" which claimed to be a expert marksmen. Orks being orks mumble tried to climb the wall and was shot in the shoulder by the gnome, Loki wanted revenge but mumble decided that to just leave it and let talo talk to the king.

Talo was led inside the ruined keep, there were holes in walls, floors , roofs and the inside of the keep was not kept at all. She walked down a long hall way getting to know the gnome archer and before she knew it she was Infront of the king.

Mumble and Loki strolled down to a near by stream and hashed out some of there linked past.

Talo said her companions had most of te information the king needed, but got his name Staglag Hammersong fallen king of timbervale , ruler of the dwarfs and brave quester.he didn’t like I stay in one place for to long and never worried about his surroundings, he was a hard dwarf who lived his life by the sword.. The bone sword which he held half. Talo lured him and his guards outside to talk to mumble and Loki.

Loki convinced the king to return to timbervale but let slip that the party knew of the bonesword which they give there word to protect. Mumble decide to tell the king of lokis latern which is his rod of deadly casting . Loki had promised to kill any one who knew thankfully Loki tricked the king and his guards that the half ork wasn’t use to magic and didn’t know how it works. Before setting out, Loki walked with mumble, Loki was angry and mumbles treason and flames licked his coat, the walked around a conrner and mumble attacked Loki with a ruthless on slaught of simmering blades. Loki was surprised and took the orks short sword twice to his gut, blood seeped through the blackchain mail. Mumble winced from the pain of the magical flames but paid it no heed .Mr Ed came around the corner and saw the 2 strikers fighting. Loki seeing the bond between Mr Ed and mumble he attacked both of them with a hellfury of fire on both Of them, the horse moved quickly out of the way and mumble took the blast front on. The flames lept from the warlocks spell scared gimp hand and scorched the half ork quarter wolf ranger. The pain of the flames blistering his skin was to much to beer and mumble feel uncouncous , Loki teleported aroun the conrner and yelled for help,the stench of blood and burnt flesh was in the air the lots party’s potions were used, as soon as mumble recovered he attacked Loki again as he raised his sword ,a large saber tooth had snuck up on the party and attacked the burnt ork and dragged the party lep at the oppitunity to save mumbles life yet again and attacked the sarbertooth already on the beast jaws mumble took a stab at the beast and hit him but it wasn’t and the beast chomped down, knocking mumble uncouncous again. The remaining party killed the white saber tooth.

The talked to the king quickly saying that this was a misunderstanding between mumble an Loki and I wouldn’t happen again in his presence . Talo poured half the bottle of purple potion given to her by the frog Wally’s , mumble recovered but not before feeling something might happen in the morning , he felt a spring in his step and went to clear his throat and made a ribbit sound.
Loki butchered and skinned the sarbertooth putting it in his satchel so the meat couldn’t be tracked

The adventurers pitched camp outside the shattered keep



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