Beginning of the end

Nothing like Hunting werewolf

Session 6

The adventurers camped outside timbervale walls. Ser Gerbish Gush kept watch half the night and Alethra kept a mindful eye on camp the rest of the night. The adventurers awoke and Mumble shared a flagon of ale with the party including naboo the pup. With courage in there hearts the party searched out Abeland Flintrock the mechinest. They found his hut and after a few introductions they started to make a spiked trap. After completion it was mentioned that Abeland Flintrock should come with the party he refused, so mumble crept away and caught Abe’s house on fire. The fire roared up the walls catching some of the roof. Talo quickly lept to put out the fire with her cloak and ration water, after quite the battle with the flames she emerged victorious. Steel walls were exposed behind the wood walls. Abeland Flintrock explained it was basically a steel bubble he had made to protect him. He decided to go with the adventurers quickly making them another trap and coated the spikes in ice. He lead the to the werewolfs lair.

It was day time so the party set the traps at the cave entrance slightly apart, enough room for only naboo to get through. They then waited in the trees till night.

It was a full moon. Mumble sent naboo into the cave to lure the beast out: after an hour there was no sign.. They waited .. At the stroke of midnight the heard a screaming yelp. The werewolf had fallen into there trap! The quickly ran up Althrea threw a stone pathetically and missed the stationary beast, mumble attacked with his long sword and talo whipped at the werewolf with her spiked chain but missed. The wild werewolf tried to get of the trap but failed as the ice melted away from the warm blood. Mumble dove into the pit head first unleashing 5 attacks with the speed and strength of his wolf ancestors. Talo unleashed her dark shadows on the werewolf as she and Alethra grabbed mumbles legs and pulled him to safety with little effort. The beast was dead. Mumble took its tooth, Abe retreated home but mentioned if they come across plans or material for him he could build things for them. Then they were off to timbervale to collect there reward.

There returned to Taggar Oathkeeper lord of Timbervale and he rewarded them with 400gp and after a bit of prompting the information they needed “where the dwarf king is” Tagger told the. Where the last raven had come from and marked it on there map. Lord Tagger Oathkeeper needed more knights to defend there point of light of Timbervale and Ser Gerbish Gush was chosen to train knights. Tagger offered A small gremlin reptile to the party which they declined and after some decision the party was horrified to find out that the reason Timbervale was so warm was because the dwarfs had imprisoned and made slaves of any reptile creatures they came across and put them to work in the mines. Dwarf steel being amoung the best in the mortal world. The adventurers were then given a meal and quarters for the night.



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