Beginning of the end



William cutthroat an belgarth the gnome wizard walked along te kings road towards harkenwold. They came to some crossroads and as a precorosionary measure hid behind some rocks to scope out the scene. At the cross roads was a fallen tower and at the base lay an uncouncous figure.

The pirate scoundrel with out a care in the world strode up to the wounded humunnoid. The wizard kept a look out. Cutthroat could see while still alive this creature was of a undead nature and had huge claw and bite marks ripping its undead flesh. He gave it a kick, with a blood splatter the undead (very unhuman like) rose to his feet. The two adventurers were at the ready. The large disfigured creature introduced him self in a booming voice as tiki marta . The pirate looked disinterested. Belgarth jumped onto the rock he was hiding behind a lighting bolt hit the ground a few feet in front of him and he then jumped onto that very spot yelling I am belgarth! Tiki Marta not overly impressed had a good feeling about the gnome and from that very instant they formed a life long bond of brotherhood.

William sat by the base of the wall and looked on disinterested chewing a single blade of grass.

The adventurers decided to check out the tower , blood splatter the walls were tiki explained he has fought (and lost) a fucious were wolf who he even saw transform at will to a human . Then there was a dick messurig compation on who could do the sweetest backflip over each other. Cutthroat came out on top but tiki and belgarth didn’t let that get between the friendship and quest.

There were werewolf tracks headed to harken forest but the adventurers know ing the area headed for kanor manor.

The 3 rowdy and sometimes irresanal walked towards the manor . William and belgarth still uncertain if tikis bites had caused him to get the diese of the wolf.

A wagon rolled him the road. A hooded old man sat inside. After many questions from the adventurers they attacked! Tikis javelin hurdled through the air and hit the old man in the chest causeing a geveious wound then A flaming crossbow bolt struck him in the head causing his bread to catch fire horriblely disfiguring his face. Belgarth in the same fashion as before caused a lightning bolt to strike the horse stunning it and jumped into the charged grass again declaring who he was. They the relised the old man had a body guard / apprentice , a young thefling warrior emerged from the woods and went to defend the old man. The adventurers took Tatical positions around the cart and countied the onslaught , the gnome conjured a orb of burning acid and cast it on the old man . Burning flesh filled the air . Knowing the 2 were out matched the thefling gave him a vile and the old necromancer drank it down. His burnt cloak hit the floor and he was gone.

3 vs 1 the thefling surrounded surrended before he could be questioned tiki got his javalin and stabbed it through his heart ending his life.

The cart was full of body parts which had te same bite and claw marks as tiki. They had been feeding the werewolf.. But why? Where? ….. Who?

They contuined down the road to kanor manor with out insadent .

They reached the old deserted dark manor. The front doors smashed in from a ancient battle it was in ruins.

The adventurers went inside . It was pitch black with only small amounts of light being let in from fallen walls. William lit a torch it was dead quite… Until tiki the revenant dropped his battle axe . The sound of Metal on stone bounced of every wall. Any chance of being unnoticed was gone. The echo went on and on down halls and further. As in response they heard a scurrying the sound of multiple little feet hitting the ground then hey relised a swam of rats were after there blood! Tikis silent alarm he had earlier set went off and a fight insued. The adventurers being as mighty as they are easly defeated the rats and pushed on. It took them many hours of rolling and flipping in the dark to make there way down te hall. William with his tourch went first as he went further he felt slowed and his tourch
Singed invisible ….. Webs! He was in a spiders nest!



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