Beginning of the end

Never split the party

Session 9

The adventurers awoke with the king to find the gnomes gone, the king explained that gnomes were interesting tricksy creatures and that we might stumble apon them. Loki expressed his miss trust of the half ork and told mumble if he gets with in 10 feet he would attack, mumble tested the waters boarding on 10 feet , talo intervened . Mumble bum talked with the king alone, telling him of the evilness of the warlock and to not place trust in him. Loki interrupted in hopes of getting some horses.. Mumble bum raging from the night before told the party he was leaving them and he turned his burnt face towards the west and raced off on mr Ed. Loki told talo and the king of the night terror dream he had the previous night.. again the talk was of smoky figurers,mumble bum and then ending with the darkness which only the underdark possesed. he spoke of a pair of eyes watching him he sensed it was gnome .. Was Just a night terror tho.

Talo and Loki made a plan to travel through the old hills to the cross roads. then head south of the road to the moon hills , go around the moon hills to the river, then walk up to the bridge of fallcreast.

They walked through the dwarfern old hills from the kings shattered keep leaving behind dwarf soljahs keeping there eyes peeled for the elusive gnomes. they reached the crossroads.

Nabob started barking and ran towards a broken tower but before doing so he growled at loki and spraying him with urian and marking Loki with his sent, then barking wildly around the tower. the adventurers saw the female dwarf Mage and her protector a male dwarf warrior , Loki saw the oppitunity and using his arcane skills made nabob bite and nip at the Mage, the protector jumped to protect her. The Mage spoke soft and finely she had sensed magic and accused Loki the only magic wielder capable of doing so. Loki the liar convinced her that he hasnt and wouldn’t do such a thing and the Wolf pup was crazed also stating he didn’t like wolfs. he showed the mage his peeed on boot. As the Mage was uninjured she belived him. The king spoke to the dwarfs and gave them courage and inspiration to continue to hold the crossroads in the name of the dwarfs as only a king can do. The left the dwarfs deverteing from the road heading south.

Nabob, talo , loki and the king, on foot crossed the grass lands at night and reached the moonhills by noon the fellowing day they started to head towards the river but needed a short rest.It started to rain. They saw a steep sloped terrace and Loki got his sarbertooth hide and set up a small settler for the king and talo and scouted the area.

Closer to the river there was a noise which seemed to be getting louder .Loki new it wasn’t magic and decided to head back and tell the party. Dark clouds filled the sky and the rain seemed to be getting much worse. The party ate some rations and tried to stay dry. Rain poored down around them. The ground now with inches of water getting higher by the minute. Talo led the party out of the water filled trench. nabob startled from lighting took off and was to fast to follow. they called his name but there was no sign of him. Loki and the fat king were having alot of difficulty getting up the hill. Loki pushed the king and talo through down her spiked chain. The king grabbed it but fell backwards ending on his face in the water. Loki scrambling to get the king and himself up to no prevail. The elf assassin threw together a pullie system using her fine elf hemrope and absailed down to the king tieing the rope around him quickly climbing up and started pulling the king up. Loki teleported up and gave a weak pull but was enough to pull the king to safety.the king had a smile ear to ear and gave Loki a magic climbers rope. As the contuined to struggle climbing they talo realized that this was moon hill and she hasnt been back since she was a chil. More struggle and talo ties the king and her together with enough slack to both climb . The rained turned to hail then to sharp shardes of ice the king kept cover under his shield but Loki took a ice shrard through his gimp hand which was now more frost bittin . Snow covered the top of the moonhill which they could see . The flooded river rose higher around the hill. All that stood in there path was a rock wall. Loki told the party to shield themselves and raised his gimp hand. Flames lept out and smashed into the stone wall only to be reflected back and sent Loki flying down the hill landing on his back. Out of nowhere mumble rode up on mr Ed dove of his mount and attacked weakend Loki with all the force his wolf ancestors had taught him. The blades cut into Loki and he lay uncouncous unknowing of what had happened. Mumble stood over him yelling at him to get up and to know of mumbles great attack and how he had tracked them. Loki lay uncouncous. The ork mounte mr Ed and yelled to the king “see I told you he couldn’t be trusted!” And rode off.

The warlock opened his eyes and managed to get him self, he was beaten black and blue and even he’s tounge was split . He reached the king and talo and with the help of his dagger and magic rope the party used it like a crutch made there way around the rock wall and into waist deep snow. Loki had only minutes of life left. Black dark red blood left a trail on the prefect white of the snow. Talo noticed a glimmer ahead of them and they plowed through the snow.

Talo Loki and the king reached a small cave where the glimmer was coming from.lokis lantern glowed brighter and purple smoke seeped out of it pulling Loki looking like a zombie towards the rune circle of warmth and Loki lay down. There was something else in the cave. A gnome! A blue robed 3"4 white bearded wizard gnome! He held a staff of winter and a small flame lighting his face, a spark of electricity crackled on him. The gnome had caused the storm and the flood of the river was the by product of all the rain. Lokis wounds started to heal. The gnome introduced himself as gabdalf but then said belgarth. He had a small bird stag he could ride and the new party slept in the healing circle and smoked pipes and ate rations for Afew days as they grew stronger.



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