Beginning of the end


Session 5

The Adventurers were escorted into town by Corna Stonecoven she spoke to her self and seemed a bit strange. They entered the Forge of blacksmith Elinda Hammerforge and she presented a dark leaf armor to Talo, Cleric armor to Althera, a strong steel helmet with goldtrim for Ironhelm and dipped Mumbles longsword into silver giving it extra advantage against were creatures. The Adventurers were about to leave until they thought of there small wolf companion and asked Elinda Hammerforge if she could craft something for him. She did and made 2 small brooches which heals the wolf when the wearer of the other brooch heals. She also told them of Abeland Flintrock a mechanist who lived in isolation he could possibly help them with the werewolf and Elinda Hammerforge marked it on there map. The forge was made from thick stone which seemed to absorb heat.

Outside a shadow passed over head and they approached the monk who was training in the yard, As the walked over they noticed 5 kobolds locked in wooden cages (unarmed) in the garden. A strong red leader type was among them. Another shadow passed over head, and suddenly they heard the sound of beating wings, the monk ran inside the dojo somebody scream “DRAGON!” and city bells rang out over the warm winter strong hold of Timbervale as a green dragon landed on the roof of the dojo.

Alethra teleported into a well and peaked her head out of the water, Talo positioned her self better as did mumble. Iron helm charged the beast hit it pushing it further onto the roof and jumped up, the whole time screaming a warcry. The Dragon ripped open the dojo and filled it with its poison gas breath, killing all inside. Then it took to the sky and flew over head.

Timor the green dragon landed and started to break out the kobolds, the adventurers rush slaying 2 of the 4 kobolds and mumble finally putting the killing blows cutting Timors leg off, He also harvested the dragons tooth.

Corna Stonecoven was laying unconscious outside the dojo after being kicked in the face by Mr Ed, The adventurers treated her and found out that She had the Dragon Ring which had called Timor to release his kobolds. She had plotted to overthrow the city and regroup with luna at her hideout (which she marked on the map) Mumble then shoved his sword through her ending her life . The adventurers then left the city camping outside the city walls for the night.



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