Beginning of the end


belgareth the gnome & william cuttroat awoke in the caves beneth the manor to find Tiki marta and the shrine of Cthulu gone. From the next room they could hear the werewolf in a fierce battle, they could hear metal on metal and the crys and yells of goblins and other voices. William cuttroat heard a beautiful womens voice calling him in, Belegarth moved to a more tatical postion to look inside the noisey cave room. He could see nothing, it was empty but still the noise presesded.

William walked straight in and had a good look around. a empty cave room… with a large hole in the middle of the room. it went straight down. from the noises they made it out to be 15/20 foot drop. belegrath attempts to flip in , slips and falls head first down the well, william in the same fasion attempts the flip and fails falling head first down the well. the gnome stopped the fall floating in mid air he watches cutthroat hurdle past him and lands flat on the on his face on the floor below. Belgarth lands on him, cutthroat not happy swats him off.

The dim lite cave they fell into has a 10 feet high rock celing and is 40 feet sq room. the werewolf in full battle stands no more then 15 feet away in a fierce battle with a dwarf warrior & a cloaked human. 3 goblin fighters curse in gutterel tongue at there enemys. a gnome trickster is taking on 2 of the goblins but he is looking worse for wear. a dwarf cleric who looks to have seen more days inside his church then battle trades hits with the last of the goblin fighters and is losing. 2 more goblin archers with there backs to the cave wall, send arrows into the brawling crowd. one arrow barely misses balgarths tiny gnome head, he hears it wizz by his ear as he helps the prone pirate to his feet. In retaliation to the arrow belgarth conjures a ice dragon from his arcane staff and sends it flying at the 2 archers a huge icy explosion rocks the cave. as the shards of ice dispearce the two goblins stand frozen.

William takes advantage of the situation lites a crossbow bolt on fire and at point blank fires it at the werewolfs back the hair ignites and the smell of burnt hair and flesh fills the air, the wolf makes a howl in sudden pain william rolls behind the werewolf and slashes him low injuring him further.

The cloaked human fighting the werewolf smashes him with his magic mace and in a very posh english accent says somthing around the lines of “curse you dam beast!” and then throws a vile of ooze at the 2 frozen goblin archers. it smashes against the wall and one half frozen archer desovlves into thick multi colored ooze. The 2 gnomes & 1 dwarfs attempt with not much succuse an attack on the goblins. The dwarf warrior smashes his mace into the werewolf.

The goblins shocked from the enterance of these new comers recover and fight relentlessly. they beat heavly on the humannoids and the dwarf cleric falls unconcious from a grevious axe wound to the head. The werewolf bites into the dwarf warrior and racks his face with his claws, it is possible he has caught the were frenzy virus and falls unconcious

Belgarth floats into the air and a globe of acid forms the wizard hurls it at the archer at the acid desolves the goblin. the adventurers move into more tactical postions, the cloaked tinkerer mis fires his barb wire and it lands beside one of the goblins. he fires a dart into one of the goblins and another dart into the downed dwarf cleric and transfers some of the life force from the goblin, the cleric stands up only to catch another axe to the face and is downed instatly.

william hits one of the goblins with his crossbow bolt and the goblin dies.

the goblins now outnumbered attempt to make a run for it. one falls into the barbed wire and as struggles a attery is knicked and he bleeds out. the last running goblin sees the gnome conjure a acid orb which blows up in his face and burns the uncouncious cleric, one goblin mangers to escape. The injured werewolf sees its fighting a losing battles and makes a run of it but not before catching a few arrows & crossbow bolts in the back. there was a thick trail of blood

the adventurers heal the cleric, William cutthroat cuts the throat of the of the dieing dwarf and finds a ring in his pocked. they check out the area and find a suit of shining blue armor made to fit a giant, the tinkerer trys to get some of the metals shards but finds the task to difficult.

The cleric explains there is a war in the underdark between the evil races and the good humanoid races. the evil races seem to be fighting together and are organised which has never known to have happened. He is looking for the mining / scout party that was near this area.

the head for _________ fortress, 100 feet above a raging river the cleric says he can see a downed miner on the other side. william wasting no time throws the wizard over the edge. the wizard tries to flip but gets disorantated and before he can float the ground comes up and meets him.

after many miniutes he jumps into the river and floats as soon as he stops swimming and flys to the other side. he cant work out what has happened to the miner. belegarth fires his icy dragon across the water making a bridge ,the mad scienest forms a giant dildo from the platform and he and william slide down william slides acrros on his belly and the tinkerer nearly falls in but makes it to the edge as the bridge disolves into the water.

the tinker speaks with the dead miner and asks 5 questions. he finds out what the astral sea after life is like as well as information on the missing miners and where they are headed menzobrozian. the hear a battle raging on the 100 foot platform. a dead gnome flys through the air into the river. as the look on they see a ebony skinned giant on the platform yelling into the darkness. it has 2 heads and argues with its self. belgarth yells threats loudly and causes a lighting bolt (which apprers weaker then normal) infront of the giants face blinding him and he backs away out of site,

the adventurers fellow the miners trail into a mushroom grove .



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