Beginning of the end

A touch of magic

Session 7

Althrea, Talo, Mumble, mr Ed & nabob awoke the next morning and sort out Lord Taggar Oathkeeper in timbervale , the bard played softly on his lute mumble on horse back walked over to the white and leaf amored Druid and preformed a back flip on mr eds head landing beside him , the Druid looked unimpressed.. He then ask her morals about the reptilian slaves, she had no idea what he was talking about and bid him farewell. Nabob jumped up and licked talos face, she threw a stick and nabob felt much better after his traumatic experience. They asked more about the bonesword and Taggar Oathkeeper called out a guide , laneth lefeyson.

Mumble instantly reakonised laneth and dove off mr Ed with blades out in a similar dive as he had defeated the frenzied werewol… and fell flat on his face at laneths feet,faint flames swirled around the black chain mail of the warlock who looked down at mumble, mumble had grown up with laneth and they had become good friends, but later bitter rivals because laneth stole mumbles lover..

After mumble announced his connection, laneth told of how he had only recently awoken underground and doesn’t remember anything before recently, he also told of how he made a pact with balor a devil who granted him arcane magic but at the price of souls and paying with night terrors. Alethra and mumble moved away from the group and came up with the plan of recruiting laneth and leaving Alethra to find more information about the various quests and of the realm.

Althrea announced she was departing the group but to make sure to come back and with no healer the adventurers asked the Druid about potions and was pointed to a indoor well, mumble stuck his head in and felt the magic of the water. The warlock teleported into the well holding coins holding his breath bracing the walls and saw shadowy figurs moving in the water noticing him he yelled but no luck he jumped out of the well and told the party. Talo ws next up and noticed that you had to be polite and friendly. Mumble did just that and talked to a tadpol people called "" and he got giving some colored potions. Once out laneth asked to be called loli by his friends and explained to the party about his lantern rod, mumble wanted proof, a ice sword formed in the warlocks free hand, the half ork looked unimpressed and insisted that he is to be struck with the weapon, Loki does just that and nearly cuts the rangers arm off landing a prefect cut. Mumble took a seat on the well and fell backwards filling the water with blood . He asked for help from the "" people and the sent two more potions to the top. He then felt hands on his legs and was dragged out , the bottles taken by Loki and mumble was being dragged to the court yard by his companions , Althrea instantly started healing him but mumble refused an fell uncouncous , he then awoke fully healed and the party set out saying there grecuous goodbyes and left timbervale.

They chatted as they walked through the cold , lantern glowing bright , they hit the crossroads and chose to go south thanks to mr eds advice, the walked and walked some more along the kings road . They avoided Luna’s hideout and any city’s cutting through the moon hills, after realizing the rocks were some kind of magic the party Waited till nightfall and saw a message glowing from the moon hills themselves! “Don’t forget the heat” hinting to turn back the adventurers pressed on.

The cut through the forest and walking toward the old hills. A forty foot raging stream lay in front of them , mumble on mr Ed charged but just befor the water mr Ed stopped dismounting mumble. Loki ran full steam into the stream and powered in getting 13feet in and then teleporting 25feet only just gettin across. Mumble pushed talo in and she held on tight against the current with her chain there was a creature in the water with her which Was imanating magic and speaking primordial, She climbed out and mr Ed spoke primordial and tryed to trick the frog king but instead the adventurers had to answer a riddle from mr Ed. Mumble guessed frogs and the frog king made a bridge from his staff for the all to cross.

Many hours of walking later. They arrived on dusk to thunderspire . Nabob bit Loki and was shooed off to hunt , mumble howled for his brothers and heard a reply of a howl, lighting hit the stone circle and a wolf appreed more lightning hit the stone circle , mumble walked towards nabob and the unformiler wolf communicating with them slightly talking but mainly through his mind. Lightning struck again, crack!! Loki and talo investercated . Mumble found out that this wolf was the kings regent and scout. And in morning could lead them to the next process to see the king. Thunder roared from with in the circle of stone and hurricane winds span around a center Stone electricity filled the air, Loki put dipped his sword in the thunder winds adjusting his defense and teleported to the center. The rest of the party seein Loki disappear. The center to the vortex was surprisingly dead calm. He took a step forwar and was blown back, he saw talo and waved but no one could see him. He had had enough and a hellfury of fire left his hand and a corridor of still air amongst the ferious storm parted and he walked through the storm stareing into the elf assassins eyes as he causally strolled through. They then relised that the storm stones where a deversion/trap and they set up camp looking over the beautiful deadly electric storm show for the night .



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